If you have a TMJ disorder or another bite problem, Dr. Tamie Ego may recommend taking a volumetric tomography scan to determine the source of the problem. This state-of-the-art scan allows us to understand how your teeth and jaws fit together so that we can provide a treatment that will improve your oral function and help you regain a healthy and pain-free quality of life. To learn more about volumetric tomography scans in Fresno, California, and make an appointment with our skilled dentist, call North Fresno Dental Care today at 559-437-0553.

A volumetric tomography scan is a type of CT scan (also known as cone beam imaging), and it works by capturing 3D images to produce a clear reconstruction of your teeth, mouth, jaw, neck, ears, nose and throat. This image allows us to view your head and neck as a comprehensive whole so that we can more thoroughly evaluate your jaws and face. Our dentist can then determine the exact position of your teeth and jaws when you bite so that we can provide a treatment that will resolve the problem and help you regain your oral health and function, such as occlusal equilibration.

This type of imaging is also used in a variety of other treatments, including placing dental implants, visualizing abnormal teeth, analyzing dental and facial trauma, planning orthodontic treatment, assessing the progress of treatments, and diagnosing and evaluating a number of dental conditions.

For more information about the benefits of volumetric tomography and to set up a consultation with our dentist, give us a call today!